Mug Cakes Holiday Prize Pk

The holiday season is the most joyful time of the year, but it’s almost the most hectic. Preparing for the holiday season requires being well organized and having your reindeer all lined up in a row. But, the unexpected will always happen. Last year, I had a few extra party invites and some unexpected festive guests show up at my door to spread their good cheer. I was scrambling for snacks to serve them. This year, I’m prepared with my Mug Cakes dessert books from Chronicle Books. As the title suggests, you make these decadent desserts in a mug. What fun!


Mug Cakes offers 30 soft melting cake recipes that you can create in five minutes in your microwave. Mug Cakes shares seriously basic recipes such as vanilla or lemon cake, alongside favorites like carrot cake, chocolate fondant, and salted caramel. There are also recipes for more adventurous flavor combinations such as green tea with raspberries, blueberry and ricotta, or peanut butter and sesame, and recipes that push your mug-cake-making skills to the max – try marble mug cake or financier mug cake with red fruits.


If you’re a chocolate lover, then this book will excite you. Mug Cakes Chocolate shares recipes for all varieties of chocolate cakes, from the simple dark chocolate; banana and chocolate; and chocolate orange, to cakes which push your mug-cake-making skills to the max, like the swirl marshmallow or marble cake. Use your chocolate favorites of Nutella, Crunchie bars, or Oreos and make irresistible cakes in a matter of minutes.


I love crumbles! Mug Crumble offers over 30 recipes for delicious crumbles that require minimal effort and time, all you need is five minutes to spare and a serious crumble craving! Prepare an easy fruit mixture (you don’t even need to use scales) and a quick crumble topping, put in the microwave for a few minutes, and zap! You have a heavenly crumble to indulge in all by yourself! There’s no long list of fancy ingredients or cooking equipment, and hardly any time at all to set aside to make a delectable dessert.

When you’re faced with a time crunch to get out a yummy dessert or snack for your holiday guests, these books will serve you well. The recipes are very quick to make, require basic ingredients, are portion sizes, and there’s less mess to clean up. Make this holiday season a Mug Cake Christmas.