Explore and Read Prize Pk

Every autumn the bigger kids go back to school with books and supplies. The little kids in my family feel a bit left out so we decided that every fall, we would get new reading books and puzzles just for them, so they feel special. I love the wonderful selection of books for kids and teens to explore and read from Chronicle Books. They’re fun, interactive and captivating. Here are a few of the choices we made for our preschoolers.

TouchThinkLearn: ABC

TouchThinkLearn: ABC

This alphabet book adds dimension and texture visually and physically. Little ones can see and feel each alphabet letter and discover a word along with an image that starts with all the letters. The colors are bold, simplistic, yet engaging. Kids will intuitively make any sounds associated with the image or share information about its location. It’s a hardcover book that quite thick and heavy so toddlers will need some assistance. Retails for $24.99

Things to Do

Things to Do

Things To Do uses catchy and melodic words and phrases to share the delightful things a young child will do during his vividly imaginative day. He pretends he is different things and decides what he would do if he were them, like a bird, a honeybee, an acorn, or even rain. The illustrations are bright and encourage kids to feel the excitement along with the child in the story. It’s a lovely story book. Retails for $16.99

Sky High Building Puzzle

Sky High Puzzle

The Sky High Puzzle offers twelve double-sided puzzle pieces that create a colorful floor puzzle. The pieces fit regardless of its location, so you have a new scene every day. Each puzzle piece is quite large and sturdy, and they depict specific scenes; one shows bears, mice, and cats remodeling a home while Goldilocks is looking in the window at three bowls of warm food. There are underwater scenes, a Christmas image, dinosaurs, caveman, and so much more. The cards are beautifully illustrated and allow kids imaginations to run wild. Retails for $14.99

With the cooler weather settling in, there’s more time for kids to have some quiet time to explore and read and enjoy new books and puzzles.