Pilates Anatomy Giveaway

There is nothing more gorgeous than a Pilates body. Pilates is an innovative and safe fitness technique that engages the mind and body collectively while doing floor exercises. These exercises are designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates has exploded worldwide and has been advantageous in improving our core strength, flexibility, lung capacity, balance, posture, and so much more. Pilates classes are offered in most fitness establishments, but if you’re like me, you prefer to workout at home. My newest book Pilates Anatomy, A Comprehensive Guide, will show you how to create an ideal Pilate workout.

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* The Stretches

* The Exercises

  1. Beginner Exercises
  2. Intermediate Exercises
  3. Advanced Exercises




Pilates Anatomy will take you into a new dimension of this awesome exercise system. With continued practice, Pilates develops muscle synergy and body alignment that most other exercises cannot offer. This unique book aims to teach more than just different exercises. Detailed anatomical illustrations teach readers all about muscle mechanics and how their bodies work to encourage safe, injury-free workouts. You’ll discover how performing specific exercises like the “chicken wings,” “tiny steps,” and “the corkscrew” can help you create a long, lean, strong body we all covet.

The book has both simple and challenging exercises. Some of them look easy enough, but you’ll know the next day just how dynamic each stretch is when done correctly. I love Pilates. It’s a soft and low impact exercise that allows you to focus on the movement. Each exercise is versatile; they work more than one muscle group at a time. The book also includes a quick reference full-color poster with a detailed guide to the Pilate movements.

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