Light is the New Black Giveaway

Everyone has a purpose, a reason why they are here on earth. If we’re lucky, we’ll tap into this calling at an early age and live harmoniously. For others, it’s still hidden deep in their subconscious wanting to reveal itself. We may feel a certain niggling, a tugging, an uncomfortable knowing that somethings missing in our lives. We want to know and live our authentic self, but we just can’t grasp the right formula for us personally. I found an awesome book that will guide us to find our purpose, it’s called Light is the New Black, A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Calling and Working Your Light.

Light is the new black

This high vibe book will inspire you to take a spiritual journey and find out what you agreed to do during this lifetime.  As you go through the chapters and do the exercises, you’ll get glimmers and insights that draw you closer to your purpose. The words will speak to your soul, and you’ll be compelled you to embrace your light.

I love the layout and simplicity of the book. There are short chapters with points to ponder and an affirmation to instill the thought. The book is playful yet profound; you won’t be able to put it down. The message is loud and clear; we’re here to shine our light as bright as possible!