Peter Pauper Interactive Journals Giveaway

With summer holidays approaching, many of us are using this time to travel and reconnect with family and friends. Or perhaps some may long for some alone or down time to reflect and focus on themselves. Others may plan on pursuing some hobbies, like writing, poetry, painting, or even scrapbooking. Sometimes we need a little help perfecting these skills.

Peter Pauper is an online stationery store that carries a profusion of delightful paper products. I love their journals, and I recently discovered they offer Interactive Journals. These quaint little books compel you to tap into your imagination and create from the heart.

pp the write stuff


*Blast through writer’s block!
*Be encouraged to keep writing every day.
*Have fun with a wide range of imaginative prompts.
*Special section for aspiring novelists.
*192 lightly-lined pages.
*Acid-free archival paper.
*6-1/4 inches wide by 8-1/4 inches high.
*Ribbon bookmark.


Sometimes our mind is full of colorful words, but we just can’t express these ponderings into meaningful sentences. The Write Stuff is an awesome companion for any aspiring writing. It’s full of prompts, triggers, and phrases that allow you to perforate any writer’s block and envision your scenario. It offers a variety of subjects to get the innovative juices flowing.

pp why i love you

*96 lined cream pages
*Raised embossed gold hearts
*Textured with oodles of red hearts
*Ribbon bookmark

The Why I Love You journal is all about expressing your feeling for that special someone in your life. It filled with cues that remind you of past events, special moments, favorite songs, happy, stressful, and funny times you enjoyed together. You can speak freely with any inhibition! Dig deep and tell all!
The Interactive Journals come in a variety of subjects. They are ideal for releasing and expressing one’s thoughts, and recording special dates, moments and pictures. They are made with high quality paper, have a sturdy binding, and are a nice size. Each journal has a secret pocket on the inside back cover for notes, cards, and secrets. They are perfect gift ideas, and what a great keepsake these will make!