Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Gift of Christmas Giveaway

Some of our most cherished memories are created during the festive season. No doubt most of us have a few special holiday memories we reminiscence about. I remember as a child decorating the tree and helping put up the lights. My mother always made gingerbread cookies and cinnamon cocoa. Yum! We would snack, admire the lights and feel the spirit of Christmas. I also remember the frenzied chaotic Christmas morning when I ripped open our gifts with Bing Cosby Christmas carols playing in the background.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Gift of Christmas

Chicken Soup for the Soul has an endearing book called The Gift of Christmas which is filled with sweet, funny and charming stories that will make you smile, laugh and choke up with tears. I read a story called the Christmas Keepsake. It’s about a young college student that was struggling financially. He had just enough money to take care of the necessities but no extra. His family got him useful things for Xmas and told him not buy anything because he was short of funds.  The family was deeply touched that he made homemade Christmas cards.  Inside each card he wrote a special memory, event or activity he shared with that person.

The messages were so thoughtful and touching.  I thought this was a lovely idea.  Sometimes we forget that words alone can be a precious gift.

I also enjoyed reading the story Seven Ways to Survive the Holidays.  Happiness is an attitude and they chose to be happy no matter what during the festive season. I thought this story was useful and practical.

What a wonderful book to sit and read to your family this Christmas. You’ll love it and maybe next time we’ll read about your cherished memories.