SimulTALK Dangle Headset Review & Giveaway

I don’t know how many times I’ve snagged my headset and pulled the earbuds out of my ears. Too many times to count.  I use an MP3 player when I walk on my treadmill and I seem to always rip out my earbuds when I reach for my water.  This is not only painful but quite frustrating.   I had the chance to review theSimultalk Dangle Headset which is a product designed to prevent your headset from being ripped out of your ears.

The Dangle headset is a fabulous product that fits nicely around your neck like a necklace with earbuds on each side.  It hangs in front of you so you can easily connect it to your MP3 play, iPod, phone or even your laptop.  It also has a shirt clip that you attach to your clothing preventing any movement. It has a long retractable wire that stretches to approximately 4 feet from ear to ear. When you’re finished you unplug the retractable wire from your device, hold both ends and gently pull each end to completely retract. No more rewinding and no more untangling knots.   It has a microphone so you can use the Dangle headset with your cell phone, how awesome is that?  It also comes with 3 sets of comfortable Gel buds.

– Retractable Wire – Does away with tangling and winding.
– Necklace Design – Protects your ears from any tugging or snagging.
– Comfort Fit Ear Buds – Designed for small as well as large ear canals.
– Great Stereo Sound – Includes excellent bass response

Protect your ears from snags. If snagged, The Dangle will not rip from your ears.

–  Unique necklace design allows you to hang your shuffle or nano as a pendant.
   Listen to music while exercising, running or biking without wires in the way.
–  The retractable wire offers you tangle-free operation.
–  You no longer have to wind your headset when finished using it.
   Specially designed earbuds for great comfort – especially with smaller ears.
–  Great stereo sound for listening to your favorite music.
–  Onboard mic for cell phone calls.
–  Solves the problem of constantly putting on and taking off your headset

This is the first time I’ve used a headset and finished my walk without any snagging.  The Dangle Headphones are light, comfortable to wear and they work.  They are small, compact, don’t tangle and I love these headphones and only use them now.

Also of interest is the Dangle headset was tested by Noble Electronics, Inc., an independent lab, which showed that 99.1% of the power of the radio frequencies emitted from a cell phone is not present at the earbuds of the Dangle headset, and therefore are not transmitted to your head. If you add our ferrite bead, the reduced radiation increases to 99.9%.  So if you’re frustrated with the headset you have now, the Dangle Headset by SimulTALK is the way to go.

Disclaimer: I received products for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own yours may differ.