Eartheasy Garden Prize Pack Giveaway


With the days getting longer and the warm weather slowly approaching, we see delightful signs of spring. Birds are chirping and the crocuses and snowdrops are just starting to poke through the earth. Many of us may be getting that gardening itch and eager to start planting. Are you one of them? Thinking of starting… [Continue Reading…]

MLP Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders DVD Giveaway

MLP Cutie Mark

If you lived in Equestria, what would your cutie mark be? Well, the Cutie Mark Crusaders can help you find out in MY LITTLE PONY- FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC: ADVENTURES OF THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS coming to DVD February 24th from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios! The value packed DVD includes a fun new sing-along and coloring sheets.  … [Continue Reading…]

Make Your Own Rules Diet Giveaway

Make your own rules diet

The Standard American Diet is no role model nor has it proven to be healthy for anyone following it. There’s an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and the list can go on and on. Rearranging the foods on the Standard America Diet, is like rearranging the furniture on the Titanic, you’re still… [Continue Reading…]

150 Best Dips & Salsas Giveaway

dips and salsa

Food is the one thing that will quickly congregate family and friends. The aromatic scent of food permeating the house, can lure in anyone. We love to have lots of get togethers and I really try to come up with some exciting and interesting snacks to serve, but I end up making the same old… [Continue Reading…]

Mariah Carey ‘M’ Perfume Giveaway

Mariah M

Mariah Carey has teamed up with Elizabeth Arden to compose the most melodic perfume on the market. Getting inspiration from her exotic travels, Mariah composed this floral oriental fragrance with all her favorite scents and christened it ‘M‘. It’s filled with harmonious blends of the poetic melodies of marshmallow, sultry sea notes, intoxicating gardenia, sweet… [Continue Reading…]

Peter Pauper Press Prize Pk Giveaway

pp panda journal

I’m a hands on person and I like to write things more than type them. I like to keep physical records rather than entering them on the computer. So for this, I like to use pretty little books from Peter Pauper Press. They offer the loveliest prints, colors and styles that will resonate with all… [Continue Reading…]