Sacred Geometry Prize Pk Giveaway


Creation has beautiful geometric patterns that never cease to amaze me. Our DNA, our eye corneas, snowflakes, crystals, flower petals, atoms, trees, stars, all have divine geometric designs. Sacred geometry is an ancient sacred science, a sacred language, and a key to understanding the way the universe is designed. It’s embedded in the design and… [Continue Reading…]

Vegan Everyday Giveaway


There are many reasons why we might contemplate switching to a vegan diet. Eating healthy vibrant foods and a deep compassion for animals are probably the mains reasons. Many just want a variety of dishes in their diet. Some might think about it and not know where to start or feel they might not get… [Continue Reading…]

Highly Intuitive People Giveaway

Highly intuitive people

Are you extremely sensitive to other people’s moods? Do you find you pick up on their vibes? Do people describe you as highly perceptive? Are you exhausted after being in busy places? If you reflect and believe this describes you, you may be a Highly Intuitive Person. Highly Intuitive People, also known as Intuitive-Sensitives, are… [Continue Reading…]

Trind Nail Care Prize Pk Giveaway


Summer has finally arrived, and Trind’s lineup of nail care products are the perfect way to get your nails looking their best. From your fingers to your toes, the Trind family of products can restore your nails to the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and moisture. What better way to finish off all your hot… [Continue Reading…]

Sacred Plant Initiations Giveaway

sacred plants initiations

There are many who have a special connection to our beloved Earth. They enjoy being out in nature and hanging out with all the plant life. My mother is one of those people. She has lots of plants in and outdoors, and she talks to them every day. She has an innate ability to recognize if… [Continue Reading…]

Philips Shaver 9000 Review Plus Giveaway

Philips click and style

Growing up, my dad always called my brother his ‘little shaver.’ At a very young age, my brother would emulate my dad by using the ole shaving brush and soap and pretending to shave; the blade was removed of course. My dad also used a few other shaving options, a disposable blade, and an electric… [Continue Reading…]

Esoteric Egypt Giveaway

esoteric egypt

Growing up, I was always fascinated with Egypt, it’s civilization, and it’s inhabitants. Egypt just captures your attention, and you feel compelled to learn more about the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Nile, the hieroglyphics, the statues, the Pharaohs, Nefertiti, and of course Cleopatra. No figure stands out and represents Egypt more than Cleopatra. Interestingly, Cleopatra… [Continue Reading…]