Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

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If you’re a cat owner, you’ve no doubt noticed that they are instinctively and intuitively drawn to eat grass. You may also have noticed that shortly after ingesting grass, they regurgitate undigested food and hairballs. Cats are habitual groomers and swallow copious loose hair which sits undigested in their stomach until they vomit it up…. [Continue Reading…]

Skinny Juices Giveaway

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Juicing! For some, that means squeezing an orange or two every morning. For those you are more health conscious, it means extracting the living enzymes out of fresh fruits and vegetables so it can benefit our bodies. Lots of people will go on a juice fast or cleanse once or twice a year and I’m… [Continue Reading…]

Lilac’s Linky Jan 22 – 28

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Welcome to Lilac’s Linky. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our weekly linky. Feel free to post and enter some awesome giveaways!      Please DO NOT include promotional code giveaways on linky!! They will be deleted!   An InLinkz Link-up

Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Absolu Perfume Valentine Giveaway

Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu

This Valentine’s Day spread the fragrance of love with an unforgettable and UNTOLD scent. Elizabeth Arden is pleased to announce the latest addition to its UNTOLD family of fragrances, UNTOLD ABSOLU. ABSOLU will continue the UNTOLD sensory journey, celebrating the intrigue of the modern woman in a new light. The UNTOLD ABSOLU Elizabeth Arden Collection:… [Continue Reading…]