TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS:Return of the Heroes DVD Giveaway


The Rescue Bots Return For More Excitement!  TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: Return of the Heroes  Bring Home the Adventures on DVD May 12, 2015 Everyone’s favorite emergency first responders — Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder — return for five new adventures with their Griffin Rock friends, the Burns family! And this time, they’re joined by iconic… [Continue Reading…]

Exploring Medieval Yvoire France

yvoire castle1

During my time in Switzerland, I got to chill out in Geneva and explore the sites. Geneva is a wealthy Swiss city that’s saturated in diverse cultures and surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains. Geneva has a vast array of sites to see, like the United Nations Building, the Reformation Wall and Jet d’Eau,… [Continue Reading…]

Lilac’s Linky Apr 23 – 29


  Welcome to Lilac’s Linky. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our weekly linky. Feel free to post your giveaways and/or enter some awesome ones too! Looking for some awesome giveaways to enter? Check out Lilac's Linky for new & exciting prizes to #WIN #fun2winit — Pawsitive Living (@pawsitiveliving) April 22, 2015 An… [Continue Reading…]

Mindful Eating Miraval Cookbook Giveaway

Mindful eating sm

What exactly is mindful eating? If you watch people in any restaurant, you’ll notice they take huge bites, chew very little, and eat very fast. One has to wonder if they even momentary tasted their food. Mindful eating is understanding hunger as opposed to feeding your emotions. Eating healthy foods when we’re truly hungry, feeds… [Continue Reading…]

Green Spring Clean With AspenClean Giveaway

AspenClean Full line with kit

Every March and April I spring clean my entire house. I can’t say it something I look forward to, but the fresh smell and cleanliness afterward is quite rewarding. There’s a plethora of cleaning products on the market, but I always opt for green sources. You really have to read the labels, not all brands… [Continue Reading…]